"Your Story is a Song"

It’s amazing how material things can unite relationships and bring comfort to the ones we 

Like a wedding ring, a charm bracelet or a hand-knit blanket from Auntie or Grandma…. 

NOW imagine a melody of memories your loved one(s) can own FOREVER. 

It’s your own story in a song. 

Are you getting married or do you know someone getting married? 

Do your parents have a HUGE Anniversary coming up and YOU (and maybe siblings, too) want to surprise Mom and Dad? 

Do you have a loved one who passed away and you'd like to hold on to all those memories in a unique way? 

Because I would LOVE to create a Song Souvenir along with a music video to bring you and your family comfort. 

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Here are some kind words from past clients 

“Theresa wrote an unbelievably heartfelt song that told the love story of my husband and I perfectly. The song captured the hearts of many and I am forever grateful that 
Theresa was able to deliver such a perfect gift on my wedding day.” - Renee Cody 

“My dad passed last July at age 92. After sharing many memories of Dad, Theresa 
wrote a very personalized song for my father's memorial service. The song hit all the right notes as if Dad 
wrote this beautiful piece himself. Theresa Kate without a doubt has a special talent to channel 
into these shared stories with word and music that is spot on.  Thank you from the 
bottom of my heart to have such a wonderful song written for such an emotional occasion. A 
true keepsake to be shared and passed down for many years to come.” - Andrea Purcell 

 "My best friend, Sr. Betty,  was celebrating her 50th anniversary as a Sister of St Joseph. I asked Theresa to write a song and perform it at her Jubilee Celebration. 
Many years later, Betty passed away and listening back on the recording, this song brings tears to my eyes.  Theresa captured Sr. Betty’s heart perfectly.  I feel blessed to have this song as a 
keepsake."  - Sister Mary McGeer 

I would love to hear your story... 
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My story behind my song "Battlefield." 

I was the 6th of 7 children and we admired my mother's fire. She was up early every 
morning, dressed to impress, with the house cleaned and dinner ready every night (I'm still trying to figure 
out how we all fit around the table in that tiny kitchen). I was the one responsible for the dishes, but here's the good news: we ended most nights with a DANCE PARTY! 

After she passed away, a piece of my heart left with her. I felt in my soul that I needed to bring 
that fire back!  Even though we may grieve at times, this song sure as heavens channels her "Philly fiery spirit." 

To check out "Battlefield," click below. 

xo, tk